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Alcohol and Drugs Training


We believe training and awareness is a crucial part of the implementation of a policy. All of your people, regardless of their position or title in the company, need to be fully aware of their responsibilities. We can assist you in structuring a training programme that will meet these needs and ensure that the policy is appointed positively and effectively.

Manager Training

All managers and supervisors require effective training to provide them with the necessary information and tools to deal with alcohol and drug misuse in the workplace. They will need to have an understanding of your policy and how to use it sufficiently and fairly.

The training will include all the relevant information on the effects of alcohol and drugs, the risks to the workplace and signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug misuse. Using case studies, we will help your managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities.

All attendees will be given a reference guide that includes the documentation to use should they have to manage an employee who is in breach of the policy, and detail on how the testing and screening programme is used. Counselling and rehabilitation advice, including interview techniques, will also be discussed.

Employee Briefings and Support Materials

Employee awareness is a key element in being able to demonstrate your employees are made aware of the policy and understand their responsibilities. Through this you can allay any fears concerning testing, and help them understand their responsibilities if they are taking medication that could impair their work performance.

Hampton Knight can tailor briefing sessions and provide branded support materials to reflect your policy so your employees are fully aware of the testing process and policy.

By following our step-by-step guide that we create with you, if you have an incident you will be able to demonstrate the policy was fully implemented and your staff members and contractors were all made aware.