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5 Simple Tips to Deal with Holiday Stress

 Christmas Health

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Right? As the weather turns colder and the festive cheer begins so do the many stresses that accompany the Holiday season. Demand for presents and activities leading up to the big dates in the Holiday calendar can mean financial pressure, overindulging in bad diets and fatigue trying to fit everything in.
Here are 5 simple tips to help combat the stress this time of year:

1. Dress for the weather

Festive season often equals party season which might mean our clothes are not necessarily appropriate for the weather outside. As many of us fall victim of ‘dressing to impress’, men will often forgo jackets and women may be found in their best party dresses; neither of which offer much protection from the cold. Many of us find ourselves so busy this time of year that we simply do not have time for a cold. Make sure to wear plenty of layers, hats, gloves and scarfs when venturing out and hopefully prevent the dreaded cold!

2. Find a good dietary balance

Chocolate, biscuits, beer, pudding, buffets! These are all types of food and drink that make regular appearances throughout December and they are so easy to overindulge on. As always we should strive to have a balanced diet because of the many benefits it offers us. The festive season is so busy that over indulging on sweet treats and alcohol will leave us worn down, lethargic and sometimes unable to do the many things we have planned. Enjoy the many foods that December has to offer but remember they are a treat! Why not try to keep your diet in top condition during the week so that you can indulge at the weekends.

3. Keep a diary/list

It can be stressful knowing that you have a ton of events you need to attend, presents to buy and a pay check to stretch. Try keeping a diary so that you are well prepared in advance for any events that you have coming up and know if you get asked to attend more if you can fit it in. For presents try creating a list, it keeps track of everyone you need to spend on and how much you have spent hopefully helping to keep you in budget and stop spending spiralling out of control. By writing these things down you have a record of everything you need to know and it can stop the worries that you may have forgotten something.

4. Take time out

A lot of pressures accompany the festive season. This can be something as small as finding the right outfit for work party to getting that expensive gift someone really wants. It’s important that when you feel stressed and overwhelmed by it all that you take time for yourself. Don’t go to that extra event, instead stay home or spend your time doing a hobby you enjoy and recharge ready to hit the Holiday commitments again the next day. It can save you money and allows time to fit in a classic Holiday film!

5. Enjoy it!

Taking time out fits in with this last tip which is to enjoy it! It only comes round once a year, it’s a great time to see family and friends and make lasting memories. Try not to get overwhelmed by the gift buying, money spending or food consuming. Everything in balance is key to not going overboard and making sure you don’t tire yourself out before the big day.