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Collection times cutting industry standards

Hampton Knight have been in the business of Alcohol and Drug testing for 18 years’ so we understand how important it is to respond to an activation for Alcohol and Drug Testing as quickly as possible.

The industry standard is to arrive onsite within two hours of activation, however at Hampton Knight we continuously monitor our response times and collector coverage to drive this response down as much as possible.

Between January and April 2018 our response times have been impressively lower than industry standard, with over half being reached within one hour, 24/7. The full breakdown is detailed below:

  • Under 1 hour                      52%
  • Within 90 minutes           84%
  • Within 2 hours                   98%

At Hampton Knight we make certain that Our collection technicians have all passed the most rigorous recruitment and training programme in our industry to ensure they are trained and certified to administer alcohol and drug testing in an appropriate manner. Whether it is breath, urine, oral fluid or hair testing, each procedure will be carried out in compliance with the UK Chain-of-Custody Standard and European Workplace Drug Testing Guidelines.

Here at Hampton Knight we are proud of the enviable reputation our collection service has in the UK, for a continued high quality of service with outstanding response times.

For more information regarding our collection service, please get in touch with us on 01827 65999 or email