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Kent Cummins Power Generation site wins first place for Health and Wellbeing Activity

Hampton Knight has worked to help Cummins Power Generation to include Wellbeing at their Kent location. This has resulted in a Cummins Health and Wellbeing Best Practice Award.

Prior to the Health and Wellbeing event Cummins set up a fantastic competition to encourage employee interaction. They allowed them to select the name of the Wellbeing committee, which was chosen to be H.A.W.K, and the committee slogan: “Taking your Health and Wellness to new heights”.

Cummins used a survey to identify how much their employees were aware of the current levels of health and wellbeing the company provides, find out more information about the current engagement their employees have with fitness and discover their wants and needs.

From this survey Cummins worked closely with Hampton Knight to create a fun and interactive event that covered the needs expressed from the survey as well as highlighting services employees were unaware of. The event covered a range of topics so that all employees could find something on their areas of interest. Different stalls were set up all day to allow every worker the time to attend and participate with the many activities from having a lifestyle check to getting a massage!

Local gym’s and fitness organisations as well as Cummins’ sports club were utilised for the event to directly get employees in touch with the right type of Wellbeing for them. To encourage employees to visit each stall and take the time to find out more information about the different types of Wellbeing, Cummins set up another competition to win a Fitbit.

Cummins and Hampton Knight teamed up to provide activities they knew their people wanted more knowledge on and would find enjoyable. This can be seen to be affective as employees worked up a sweat on the bike and treadmill desks which are still used by many today. The event showed how Cummins employees are interested in Health and Wellbeing which has led to many more events of this kind being run at the site.

As each event grows in success so does the Health and Wellbeing of Cummins people.

Cummins Event

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