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Khat is now a Class C drug

Khat is now a Class C drug

On 24 June 2014 Khat became a Class C drug which means it is illegal to have or to supply Khat.
It is also be an offence to bring Khat into the UK.

What is Khat?
Khat is a leafy stimulant plant grown mainly in East Africa and Yemen that has a mild amphetamine like effect. It is chewed and creates excessive saliva which is then spat out.

What are the effects of khat?
Being a mild stimulant drug it can:

Make the user more alert and talkative
Produce feelings of elation
Suppress the appetite
Lead to periods of insomnia

Is it Addictive?
Like most drugs, Khat can be addictive and can lead to anxiety, depression and irritability. It can also lead to violence and aggression.

What are the risks?
Khat can inflame the mouth, discolour the teeth and long term use increases the risk of developing mouth cancer. There is also a small risk of significant liver disease.
It raises blood pressure, can cause heart palpitations and heart problems with heavy use.
It can give the user feelings of anxiety and aggression and can make pre-existing mental health problems worse with the potential for paranoid and psychotic reactions.

Therefore there is a risk to someone at work who has taken Khat recently or at work as it is

What can I do if I have a concern that employees are using Khat at work or their use outside work is affecting them?
As long as you have a policy that deals with the misuse of drugs you can manage this through education which highlights the risk to the user and the potential impact it can have when they are at work.

If you have testing in your policy then by using Hampton Knight we able to detect Khat as part of our enhanced laboratory confirmation analysis service, which can also  detect many of the legal highs including Mephadrone and the full spectrum of Anabolic Steriods