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"MPs urge Government to legalise medical cannabis in the UK" Sky News Article Response

Hampton Knight's response to the report from Sky News in regards to the purposed legalisation of medical Cannabis.

As this article highlights, there is still a lot of ignorance regarding the effects of cannabis and its medicial use. Some of our policy makers seem to be influenced (no pun intended) by lobby groups who are still to provide credible research data to justify making cannabis legal in the UK.

What this article does not mention is that there is already medication available in the UK which can be used for treating spasticity due to multiple sclerosis and combatting the effects of chemotherapy. Rather than go down the route of legalising cannabis for medicinal use it would be better to look at the cannabis medication already available and make it more accessible to more people to use, and for conditions where patients see a real benefit from its use.

Cannabis, which is Class B drug (not as the article states a Class C drug) in the UK has shown to have some benefits for medicinal purposes but it could be argued these benefits do not outweigh the significant risk to mental health and other mental health conditions that can result from using cannabis.

Our policy makers need to fully understand the implications that would follow if they decided to legalise cannabis for medicinal use as once the genie is out of the bottle they won’t be able to put it back in.

The original article can be found here.