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Occupational Health


We are delighted that Hampton Knight has recently been acquired by Medigold Health, an organisation setting the standard for employee wellbeing in the UK.

Medigold Health’s brand and service delivery model is built on the uncompromising principles of quality and integrity and they share many of the same strengths and values that we at Hampton Knight regard as important.

Who are Medigold Health?

Medigold Health has been dedicated to the business of helping employers keep their people in work, safe and well for two decades and, in doing so, redefining corporate healthcare in the UK. They are a family run business with a deserved reputation for quality and innovation. The business is now responsible for over 2,000 customers, employs over 500 people, operates in excess of 100 clinics nationwide and employs nearly 200 Occupational Health clinicians across all disciplines.

Please click here for more details on our Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services: 

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