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Occupational Health


Our occupational health service is a cross-disciplinary service committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of your people and those associated with your organisation.

HSE statistics reported 1.2 million Britons suffer from a work-related illness during 2015, resulting in an estimated costing to society of £14.3 billion.

Our success stems from our innovative approach where we create high quality, bespoke business models of workplace health solutions. We work hard to ensure we meet all legal, professional, and moral objectives in partnership with you.

The services we offer are tailored to meet your needs today and flexible to work to your objectives in the future. Our team of key clinical and business professionals continually evaluate this provision to meet the ever changing demands placed upon organisations.

Our primary objectives, which underpin our philosophy, are to:

  • Maintain and promote workers’ health and working capacity
  • Improve the working environment to make it more conducive to health and wellbeing
  • Develop working cultures to support health and wellbeing, enhance productivity and promote a positive social climate
  • Demonstrate the benefits of providing an effective, cost efficient, progressive occupational health service
  • Provide added value when meeting our client’s corporate vision, values and objectives

We believe that investment in your people’s health and wellbeing is vital to:

  • Commanding a competitive advantage over your competitor
  • Enhancing your corporate image
  • Reducing the cost of sickness absence
  • Reducing the risk associated with work related health insurance claims
  • Having a highly productive workforce
  • Recruiting and retaining a valued workforce
  • Complying with legislative requirements
  • Recognising your social and corporate responsibilities

We provide a dedicated account manager to you that are supported by a team of professionals who would work with you to give a level of service that exceed expectations.