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Health Surveillance


Health and safety is at the heart of what we do. Through Health Surveillance and Fitness for Work Assessments you can be confident that you are meeting your legal requirements and that your employees are healthy at work.

Hampton Knight can provide the full range of services either at your premises, through the use of a Mobile Screening Unit or at one of our clinic locations. Programmes can be developed to meet your individual business needs and combined to include services from the following areas:


• New Starter
• Night Worker

Health Surveillance

• Audiometry Assessment
• Spirometric Assessment
• Skin Assessment
• HAVS Assessment

Fitness for Work

• Working at Heights
• Driver Assessments
• Confined Space
• Lone Workers
• FLT Assessments
• Hot Working Environments
• Cold Working Environments

Industry Specific Assessments

• Crossrail
• Constructing Better Health
• London Underground (LUL)
• PTS Medicals

Confidentiality is integral to what we do, with our innovative occupational health software programme you can be assured of the secure storage of all medical records. We produce reports tailored to your individual needs and offer recalls when required to provide you with a consistent approach.