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Training and Wellbeing


"Long term sickness absence cost the UK private sector £4.17bn in 2014”
– Occupational Health and Wellbeing magazine


The costs to business’ caused by employee ill-health might be avoided with an effective wellbeing programme. Using a wellbeing programme as part of your occupational health curriculum can improve the health of your employees as well as their productivity and profitability.

We believe an organisation is successful because of its people. Employees are your biggest asset but if they become unhealthy they can become your biggest liability. To reduce this, our on-site wellbeing programmes promotes general health guidelines for people to apply both at work and at home. Our programmes include:

  • Health Promotion Campaigns
  • Immunisations 
  • Wellbeing Information and Guidance
  • Wellbeing Events
  • Health Road Shows


Using our innovative and tailored approach, we offer training on a variety of workplace problems. We believe awareness and training on these topics are crucial to mental wellbeing and health in the workplace. Through these courses your managers and employees can be trained how to handle what can be difficult problems and learn to by aware of warning signs.

Our courses include:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Manager Stress Training
  • Employee Stress Workshops
  • Resilience Training
  • Alcohol and Drug Training