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Wellbeing Programmes


Our Wellbeing Programmes

Our wellbeing team at Hampton Knight work closely with you to plan and deliver wellbeing events for your business. We can create one-off events or plan monthly wellbeing activities throughout the year. Through our innovative approach, your wellbeing programme will be relevant to your business needs and can follow the health calendar so you are delivering topical programmes.

If you have multiple sites that require the programmes, we can run Health Roadshows. Using our state of the art mobile screening units we can transport the programme you want to run across several locations. We can also arrange relevant third party organisations to attend as part of a collaborative event to target several health topics.


We produce tailored promotional and support materials in advance of any visit or activity to help raise awareness. Our wellbeing project team work closely with you to make sure themes, logos and corporate concepts are captured in the materials we produce. We offer packages that support our wellbeing programmes and can be custom-made to suit your particular needs.

Our wellbeing programmes deliver many effective ideas and opportunities for people to develop healthier lifestyles by supporting the adoption of healthy habits, behaviours and attitudes that contribute to their positive physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace and at home.